Online Casino Guide - Blackjack

  • Saturday, Jul 24, 2021

There are several kinds of table games that online casinos feature, and one of the most popular ones is blackjack. In this guide, our experts will shed some light on how you can play blackjack like a pro in no time. You can learn about different kinds of blackjack bonuses on

The Object of Blackjack

Blackjack is a game played between players and the dealer. It is different from poker in that the players are not playing against each other, rather, they are playing against the dealer. The object of blackjack is simple - win the dealer by having total cards with a value higher than the dealer's hand but not exceeding 21.

While there are several variations of the game, the same objective applies to all of them. Having a hand that totals 21 is called Blackjack. If the hand is a face card (such as 10, K, J or Q) and an Ace, then it is called a Natural Blackjack. Exceeding 21 is called a burst.

What Happens When You Burst?

If you burst in blackjack, you lose the game even if the value of the dealer's card is lower or if it is a burst too. For this reason, you need to be careful when using the playing actions in blackjack to ensure that your hand does not exceed 21 to avoid bursting.

The value of every card in blackjack is the same as the number on the card itself. The only difference is the face card and Ace. The face cards have a value of 10 while Ace can either be 11 or 1 depending on the overall value of your hand at the time you received it.

Understanding Blackjack Gameplay

To start a blackjack game, you first have to place a bet. After that, the dealer will issue you two cards from the deck of cards and he will also take two cards for himself. However, one of the dealer's cards will be face down. Once the cards have been dealt, you will be provided with playing actions.

The playing actions you use will determine how you want the game to proceed. There are four common playing actions in blackjack, Hit, Split, Stand and Double Down. We will explain what each of these playing actions means as well as how to use them in the next few sections of this article.

Hit and Stand

Hit is a blackjack playing action that is used by a player to request a card. This option is useful when the current hand of a player is low and he is trying to improve it. For instance, you may have a total value of 10 and use Hit to request a card to get your hand closer to 21.

Stand can be considered as the opposite of Hit. It is used not to take an additional card and avoid bursting. For instance, if the total value of your hand is 20, you may want to use this option to avoid taking another card and exceeding 21. Stand is the second most common blackjack playing action.

Double Down and Split

Double Down in blackjack is used to increase your original wager by a factor of 2x. Depending on the version of the game, you can use this action at any time or only at the start of a game. Double Down is best used when you have a hand with a higher value.

Split is a special playing action in blackjack. It is only available if the first two cards that the dealer deals you are a pair. With Split, you can split the pair to form two hands, thus increasing your winning chances. However, using split also increases your bet by 2x. You can learn blackjack by playing the free version.